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Citadel Collect:

A New Brand of Delinquent Accounts Retrieval.

Partnered Services:

We partner with legal firms in every province and state across Canada and the USA to identify delinquent customer accounts and proactively seek retribution through litigation in relevant small claims courts. We offer packages ranging from 500 to 5000 individual accounts per year.

  • Issue identification and loss data analysis
  • Legal notifications (summonses/subpoenas)
  • Mass small claims litigations as required
  • Legal enforcement of court judgements
  • Assets and funds recovery and dissemination

About Citadel Collect:


Our corporate clients experience huge losses every year due to the high percentage of their customers who elect not to to settle their accounts. These individuals and company representatives are often adept at navigating their already poor credit and taking studied and calculated evasive action against their creditors.

In stark contrast to traditional collections agencies, we offer a service wherein our partnerships with vetted law firms across Canada and the USA see that delinquent account holders are invited to plea their cases in a court of law.


Our partners offer discounted rates for mass small claims litigation and our success rate in assets and funds recovery is currently 92%.

We are in the midst of a global financial crisis. More businesses are going bankrupt than seen since the last great stock market crashes of this century.

Small, medium and large businesses are suffering due to a calamity of factors, one of which is the staggering loss of funds which can occur due to services being provided and not paid for.


Citadel Collect offers a long awaited and much needed alternative to traditional collections agencies whose only power lies in their ability to harass debt holders into action by threatening their often abysmal credit ratings. We take these delinquent account holders to court.

Litigation has a much higher success rate than traditional collection, and judgements can include property liens, wage garnishments, assets and bank accounts seizures and in extreme cases can demand criminal confinement.

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